Artists will stay in one of three buildings.
Most artists will stay at the main building, Onigashima.
The Japanese Staff, volunteers and artists that want to stay in a quieter environment stay at the Hachiban building.
Families that stay in Onishi use the Mojiya building.

Cleaning and gardening is the shared responsibility of all guests.

Daily Life

Each artist is loaned a bicycle during their stay. Even without a car, the compact size of Onishi and the central location of our studios gives residents access to most services. Located a few minutes away by bicycle:

Convenience Store
Grocery Store
Hardware Store
Post Office
Public Baths
Restaurants (as little as 600 yen for lunch)

Main Building


The Onigashima building, like many of the homes in Onishi, was originally owned by a stone seller. There are large green stones incorperated into the building's garden and shower. The stones are called 'Sanbaseki' stones, after the river they come from, 'Sanbagawa.' Sanbaseki stones are used in gardening around the country, large ones can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The three-story building has a spacious kitchen, a western toilet on every floor, a stone-walled shower, 7 private and 2 shared bedrooms. (shared bedrooms are generally only used during exhibitions or festivals)

There is a garden outside with tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins and watermelon.

There is also a large rooftop balcony with a panoramic view of the entire town. The rooftop can be used for BBQ or social gatherings.

The building has Wifi Internet access.

Family Building


The Mojiya building is in the old center of the town business district. The previous occupant taught calligraphy giving it the name 'Mojiya,' meaning 'Letter Shop.'
The building has a kitchen, bath, shower and a spacious living room, and two and a half bedrooms upstairs.